How to Peel Butternut Squash

A question I have been asked by friends and family, including my brother-in-law Balubhai is how do you peel a butternut squash and dice it? Well, if your butternut squash is young then the skin is likely to be quite thin and therefore much easier to peel. However, a mature squash needs a little more attention!

My husband is usually in charge of this task and here I will show you how he tackles it:

Place the squash on a chopping board
Cut it in half so that it is easier to manage
Take the bottom half and start peeling downwards in short strokes with a sharp knife
Turn this half upside down so that you can peel the rest in the same way
Peel using short strokes with the sharp knife
Now trim the bottom off
Take the second half and peel with short strokes
The short stem at the top needs to be chopped off before peeling the rest
Now turn this top half and complete peeling it using the same short strokes
Cut the bottom half in two to reveal the seeds and pulp
Scoop out all the seeds and the pulp by scraping with a spoon
You now have all parts of the butternut squash ready to be diced
Cut each piece lengthways
Then cut each of these pieces sideways to dice it into even pieces
Plateful of diced butternut squash ready to be cooked

Try roasting it for a wonderful, creamy and warming soup in winter or as a great sandwich filler!

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