Easiest falafels

Now I love falafels and I have tried several different methods over the years, with not much an exciting end product …until I saw this recipe. It is easy whether you soak and cook your own chickpeas or you use the tinned variety and the best thing is that you are cooking them lightly in a pan and not frying them. I promise you that you can be a complete novice and still impress your friends and family with these beautiful falafels!

I would love you to visit Gimme some oven for the recipe as I have found it very forgiving: you do not need all the herbs listed (I did not have the amount listed) and can interchange the oil and lemon juice. I have made these falafels using less garlic, olive oil, lime juice; with parsley and mint from my garden when I did not have cilantro (coriander leaves). You do have to leave the mixture once made in fridge to rest for an hour or two, but it’s useful to have this time make the salad and other accompaniments before cooking the falafels.

You simply put all the ingredients except the oil in a food processor, mix and transfer to a bowl to rest in the fridge. When you are ready to make them, roll them into balls, flatten them slightly on a piece of greaseproof paper and then once the oil in your pan in ready cook them on each side for a few minutes.




They taste great hot, but also are lovely cold on a picnic or lunchbox …try it today and you will not be disappointed, all you need is chickpeas, flour, herbs, and lemon or lime  juice. Now that’s my kind of falafels, thank you Gimme some oven!


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  1. these are delicious!! great recipe 🙂

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