Rosemary and Chives

I love rosemary and it comes as no surprise for my friends and family to see a large shrub living happily on one side of my garden! It requires very little care with just an autumn trim which does it the world of good. Well, last autumn I decided to take a few pruned sprigs of rosemary and try to propagate them. I knew that rosemary likes well drained soil so I added a handful of gravel shingle that I had bought from the garden centre to a small pot of compost. I chose sprigs that had a woody end and then removed the leaves from that end. I then ‘slipped’ the sprigs of rosemary on the edges of the pot and after watering it, left it in the cool garage for the winter months.

Rosemary sprigs planted last autumn

I was so happy to discover that these sprigs have taken root and I know that because they are all green and alive! All I did in the winter was to water them perhaps every four weeks and they have been quite content living in the cool garage. You can see the root formations as I remove one of the sprigs from the pot (yipee…sorry do need to have a little dance around!).

Rosemary sprig now has roots!

I have replicated the mixture of gravel shingle and compost to plant up all the rooted rosemary seedlings. I carefully removed each seedling and planted it in its own individual pot.

A new rosemary seedling planted in its own pot

So once upon a time last autumn, there were 5 little sprigs that had been pruned and after a successful winter of quiet rooting, there are 5 proud little seedlings ready for the big world!

Gorgeous rosemary seedlings all potted up

The chives are also looking for some attention this spring as they are becoming overcrowded and need to be separated.

Chives are getting overcrowded

Well these needed to be prised out of the soil, which was no mean task as I have very heavy clay in the borders! Once prised out with the help of a large fork and my son of course, I was able to separate the bunch of chives which looked more like a large tribe of spring onions. The separated clumps of chives were then planted in individual pots and some in the raised beds too.

Separated chives in individual pots now
Clumps of chives planted in the new raised beds

A happy day of propagation today …anyone needing rosemary or chives? I have some going …!

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