Planting Kale

I have decided to plant kale again this summer after last year’s success. I had bought the kale seedlings from a garden centre in September and planted them in a raised bed. I was so amazed at how lush they were over autumn and very early spring, while happily surviving the hard winter frosts!

Kale seedlings planted in a raised bed last autumn
Kale thriving in the early months of the year
Gorgeous purple and green kale … so delicious when it is this young and fresh!

Well, this year, I have decided to start them from seed. A purple variety called Curly Scarlet and a green one named Nero di Toscana .. I am so excited!

Two varieties of kale seeds for planting this summer

I have no space in my raised beds to use as a nursery for these seeds so I am going to use recycled plastic containers. These particular ones had strawberries in them and so have holes at the bottom already; if they didn’t I would have had to make a few to allow for good drainage of water.

Tiny kale seeds sprinkled onto compost in recycled containers which have drainage holes at the bottom

Once I sprinkled the seeds on the soil surface, I covered them with a centimetre and a half of compost as the seed packets instruct this as the depth they need to be sown. A little splash of water and I’m leaving them to wake up on the patio outside!

Tiny germinated kale seedlings popping up everywhere!

A week later and we have signs of life …adorable little seedlings peeping through the soil. They even have their characteristic colours to identify them, nature is incredible!

Baby kale seedlings, just adorable after a couple of weeks!

These will have to be kept moist but I am sure I needn’t worry about that with all the rain that we are having.

Will you be having a go at growing kale from seed this year?

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