My City of Raised Beds

My seedlings are nearly ready for the outdoors and we have been busy preparing for this exciting transition! I started my kitchen garden last year with two little squares of raised beds and could not have anticipated the joy of harvesting so much in the summer months! It all started with the book by Dorling Kindersley, Grow all you can eat in 3 square feet which inspired me to have hope in a garden that perhaps has the heaviest of clay!

My inspiration for the raised beds

I had tried growing carrots, lettuce, radishes and sweetcorn when my children were younger but it was a struggle. Raised beds solve this problem by giving you control over the soil and allows you to prepare it according to the needs of the vegetables that you’d like to grow.

I am happy to say that having made a small start last year, my kitchen garden can now boast of more raised beds that have since been added. My husband has been instrumental in this task of building this city of beds to house the increasing population of my seedlings, hooray! Well I say city because I feel richer for it … in reality we had added one long bed last autumn for the kale, leeks and purple sprouting broccoli and this spring another two long beds have been constructed for the additional varieties of vegetables I am growing.

New raised beds added to increase the planting area

Not only was the soil a problem before but also the hoards of slugs that swept over the few seedlings that did make it through the clay. Last spring however, we resorted to removing each and every slug that cropped up in our garden requiring several shifts through the day and at night, with a torch!

We collected tons of them and needless to say we had a happy summer and autumn without any more unwelcome visits. This spring we have started our quest again! The grass area around the raised beds as you can see is now covered with bark chips over some weed control matting because slugs don’t like this surface (some experts say), fingers crossed it works.

Now just a touch more sun to warm up the days and nights and the seedlings will soon be living in their new raised beds!

Watch the transformation as the two more raised beds are added to my kitchen garden:


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  1. I have raised beds too. Looks like you’re really utilising the space you have. Love growing my own food ♡

    1. Yes I love growing vegetables in my raised beds. It’s amazing how much you can grow in a small space!

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