Everything growing beautifully but …

… we have had rain, rain and more rain! Plants like the courgette and cucumber that were given to me by my friend have taken a life of their own as they love water.


The lambs lettuce has become shadowed by the giant courgette leaves and with all the rain that has fallen continously, seems to have some kind of white spots on it …I will have to remove the little lettuce plants in case they infect any other plants.

It has been getting warmer although sunshine breaks have been few and far between, and this has helped the dwarf beans (I know they won’t be running!) are flourishing, with little flower buds – so exciting!


Even the soya beans have taken on some height!


The curly parsley seems to have taken root well as I have already harvested big bunches for my pasta and falafels. The basil in the raised bed seems a lot slower that the pots of basil on my kitchen window. The indoor basil is doing much better and I have already harvested loads (I mean lots and lots!) from the two pots I have for adding to cheese and tomato sandwiches, pasta and homemade pizza.


It is very encouraging to see the vegetable flourishing and very glad that I was inspired to create the raised beds from the book by Dorling Kindersley, Grow all you can eat in 3 square feet. A must read if you were looking for motivation or ideas in getting started in growing your own vegetables and fruit. My advice is to start small, even a flower pot or an old container is sufficient to get you on the way!

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