Fresh Spinach Falafel

Spinach this month is certainly doing its thing in my raised bed and with the rain and warmer spells, it is becoming so lush. Oh the joy of harvesting vibrant green leaves from your own kitchen garden! Of course having such lovely greens can only mean its necessary introduction to one of my favourites … the […]

Chives and Sweetcorn Fritters

Chives are flourishing this spring in my garden! They have a wonderful sweet onion flavour without being too sharp and therefore so easy to add to salads, soups and tasty concoctions like these gluten free sweetcorn and red pepper fritters which hold a lovely promise of summer! Easy and quick to make, filling the kitchen […]

Kale Falafel

With lots of purple and green kale from the garden, I thought they might make a great addition to my falafels. Chives are also flourishing in this warmer weather and they will certainly give a fresh herb flavour. Now that’s all my greens sorted! For the base, I am using raw chickpeas which I have soaked overnight in […]

Chives in an Omelette

The beautiful green from the chives in my garden this month is very inspiring when it comes to my cooking. After the cold dull days of winter, March brings in the welcome warmth and sunshine to not only the garden but also to my kitchen! Chives have a light onion flavour which is very fresh […]

Quinoa for Lunch

Ever wondered if you could pack a light, vibrant and delicious meal where you looked forward to your lunch time? This was exactly the request my niece Manisha gave me, saying she had bought quinoa but wasn’t quite sure how to use it for her lunch. Well, Manisha this is for you and every one […]

Zesty Green Chutney …

..a bunch of fresh coriander and the juice of a zesty lime with garlic and green chillies thrown in gives the most sublime chutney to awaken the tastebuds you never thought you had! Simple ingredients giving a delicious chutney and my daughter’s favourite. This green coriander chutney complements many Indian snacks and stuffed breads such […]

Apple Chutneys

Autumn brings in the beautiful colours of falling leaves and a sense of gathering your harvest, even if this is from a small kitchen garden where you are picking the last of the green tomatoes protectively from a drooping plant or the remaining courgettes from a bigger allotment. And with this in mind, I was […]

Enticing lunchbox!

It was very heartening to see that my niece, Neelam had made the most yummy looking lunch for her work the following day! As I mentioned earlier, these falafels couldn’t get any easier …and Neelam decided to pair them up with roasted butternut squash,sliced peppers and sweetcorn, with some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber thrown in for […]

Spicy green beans

Decided to have a spicy lunch after harvesting a gratifying load of fresh green beans from the raised bed in my garden! Usually I steam and serve them with a little butter and seasoning but seeing as they are not so tender, I have washed and cut them into smaller bite size pieces. I have […]

Easiest falafels

Now I love falafels and I have tried several different methods over the years, with not much an exciting end product …until I saw this recipe. It is easy whether you soak and cook your own chickpeas or you use the tinned variety and the best thing is that you are cooking them lightly in […]

Delish Mushroom Fajitas

I love mushrooms and even I couldn’t believe how incredibly delicious these are! My daughter first tried this recipe from a student cookbook and I have since adapted it for a fresher taste. The secret is to use good Portobello mushrooms for this recipe for their flavour and texture. The proportion of onions and peppers […]