Fresh Spinach Falafel

Spinach this month is certainly doing its thing in my raised bed and with the rain and warmer spells, it is becoming so lush. Oh the joy of harvesting vibrant green leaves from your own kitchen garden! Of course having such lovely greens can only mean its necessary introduction to one of my favourites … the […]

Freeze with Ease

This January  has seen a very successful organisation of all the dry fruits and nuts in my kitchen which has led to much smoother family breakfasts as I described in my earlier post. Mari Kondo’s books ‘Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ and ‘Spark Joy’ have been a real inspiration in this venture. It’s February and I […]

Quinoa for Lunch

Ever wondered if you could pack a light, vibrant and delicious meal where you looked forward to your lunch time? This was exactly the request my niece Manisha gave me, saying she had bought quinoa but wasn’t quite sure how to use it for her lunch. Well, Manisha this is for you and every one […]