… made a great sandwich!

Wondering what to do with the butternut squash I had bought, I decided to try roasting it with pesto as my friend Jas had suggested. The butternut squash was washed and peeled before cutting it into chunks, with the inner pulp and seeds removed.

I used two tablespoons of good quality shop bought basil pesto to coat the butternut squash chunks in a tray before baking it in a 180°c fan oven for 35 minutes, giving them a stir a couple of times.


While the squash was cooking, I sliced some red onion thinly and washed some lettuce leaves to make my sandwich, I fancied using panini bread with its lovely light texture. I sliced the panini in half lengthways and then warmed the two halves in a pan, softening the bread beautifully.


I then layered the panini with lettuce leaves, red onion slice, feta cheese cubes and the roasted squash with pesto …yumm!



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