Have to Net it!

Well having celebrated planting my kale, sprouting brocolli, leek, spinach and chard seedlings, I’m now having to cover the raised beds with nets to protect them from pigeons and squirrels! A lighter one has been placed over the kale as it will need room to grow and as such requires height. my  husband has created […]

Growing Kale

I was truly inspired by my young nephew … and so I have bought some beautiful green and purple kale seedlings from a garden centre in Milton Keynes. For good measure I have added some leek and purple sprouting brocolli seedlings too as all these will be ready to harvest over the winter months. I […]

Young inspiration!

Now if you ever needed motivation to grow your vegetables, you needn’t look further than my 8 year old nephew Milun. Not only has he taken an interest in gardening, he is actually nurturing some beautiful curly kale (yes you read it right, curly kale). I can’t even get my children who are older than […]

Enticing lunchbox!

It was very heartening to see that my niece, Neelam had made the most yummy looking lunch for her work the following day! As I mentioned earlier, these falafels couldn’t get any easier …and Neelam decided to pair them up with roasted butternut squash,sliced peppers and sweetcorn, with some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber thrown in for […]

Spicy green beans

Decided to have a spicy lunch after harvesting a gratifying load of fresh green beans from the raised bed in my garden! Usually I steam and serve them with a little butter and seasoning but seeing as they are not so tender, I have washed and cut them into smaller bite size pieces. I have […]

What a surprise!

Now I’ve been away for 10 days on holiday and did wonder whether the plants in my raised bed would survive the heatwave that had been forcasted while I was away. Further down, I will describe how these plants have survived the heat. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the beans, spinach and chard […]

Easiest falafels

Now I love falafels and I have tried several different methods over the years, with not much an exciting end product …until I saw this recipe. It is easy whether you soak and cook your own chickpeas or you use the tinned variety and the best thing is that you are cooking them lightly in […]

Delish Mushroom Fajitas

I love mushrooms and even I couldn’t believe how incredibly delicious these are! My daughter first tried this recipe from a student cookbook and I have since adapted it for a fresher taste. The secret is to use good Portobello mushrooms for this recipe for their flavour and texture. The proportion of onions and peppers […]

…planted seeds

Spring feels like a magical time when a few seeds in your hand will soon turn into beautiful fresh green vegetables for you to enjoy for the coming months, with promised days of sunshine! I have chosen a variety of seeds to plant this season, indoors to start with as the nights are still too cold. My hardy […]